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Boonbundan - Guesthouse
Chiang Rai Boonbundan Guesthouse offers clean rooms for rent with cheap prices. Located in down town area. เชียงราย บุญบันดาล...

Accommodation type: Guesthouses
Area: City
Daily rent: 200 Thb
Monthly rent: 6.000 Thb

Accommodation NameBedroomsDaily rent Monthly rent Accommodation typeArea
Baan Bua - Guesthouse Studio 300 Thb 9.000 Thb Guesthouses City
Baan Izawan - Apartment Studio - 4.500 Thb Apartments City
Baan Warabordee - Guesthouse Studio 500 Thb 15.000 Thb Guesthouses City
Boonbundan - Guesthouse Studio 200 Thb 6.000 Thb Guesthouses City
Chat Guest House - Guesthouse Studio 80 Thb 2.400 Thb Guesthouses City
Chat Residence - Serviced Apartment Studio 500 Thb 5.000 Thb Serviced apartments Eastern Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai Hill Resort - Resort Studio 1.800 Thb 54.000 Thb Resorts Northern Chiang Rai
Diamond Park Inn - Hotel Studio 550 Thb 16.500 Thb Hotels City
Good View Apartment - Apartment Studio - 3.000 Thb Apartments City
Nice Inn Town Residence Studio,1,2 1.500 Thb 15.000 Thb Serviced apartments Eastern Chiang Rai
NT House - Apartment Studio 450 Thb 3.000 Thb Apartments Eastern Chiang Rai
The Legend Chiang Rai - Resort & Spa Studio 2.950 Thb 60.000 Thb Resorts Northern Chiang Rai